Tours on the way to Alaska

Before you can actually go on your vacation to Alaska, you have to make it to the ship. All ships have “transfers” from the airport to the ship, but this involves meeting a representative in the baggage claim area, getting on a bus, waiting until the bus is filled with other passengers, then riding to the departure point. However, there are other options:


San Francisco: There are regular cruises throughout the summer that depart and return from San Francisco. For residents of  Northern California and Nevada, one might prevail on a friend or relative to keep your car at their house and drive you to the pier. Another way to get to the ship would be to take a local train and then a taxi.


Seattle: This is a delightful port. When you arrive at the airport, it is easy to find the shuttle departure area in the parking garage across from the ship. There are “shared ride” shuttles that depart promptly and don’t carry so many people as the buses. They are also quite reasonable in price. Another idea is to arrive early, rent a car, drive around this beautiful city and then drop the car off near the pier. Some of the rental car companies will give you a free ride to the ship; others are close enough to walk back after dropping off your luggage.


Vancouver: What a beautiful city! This is one case where taking a taxi to the ship makes sense because the sooner you get to the ship, the sooner you can start walking around the wharf area and enjoying the scenery.


Anchorage: The airport is a fair distance from the ship, so in this case it is a good idea to take the cruise ship shuttle bus. The drivers are very personable and will describe the points of interest along the way.