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Alaskan Cruise Whales TailThere are many ways to book your cruise to Alaska – and the best way of all is to get a screaming deal. How about only $599 per person for a 7 day cruise? How does a person manage such a thing. Some people would say that it’s less expensive than staying home

First, it’s best to choose a date that is out of the prime season range. Because of ice in the water the cruise ships cannot sail to Alaska from October to April. The high season for cruisin’ Alaska is June through August. So your best times for bargains would be the months of May and September. Shoulder season would be the first two weeks of June and the last week of August.

These dates are also good because it is less crowded. In general, schools are out for summer vacation between those same magic times – the second week of June through the third week of August. Therefore, families and education professionals must travel during those times.

There is a myth that the best weather is also during June,. July and August. But I have seen people sunbathing on deck as the glacier glide by in the months of May and September.

The beauty of Alaska is just as stunning in May as it is in July. True, you might run into some rain, but that is true for any day during the summer in this part of the world.

What are some of the hidden prices that affect what your cruise really costs?

  1.  The lowest rate is for the lowest category of cabin on the ship. That means it might be an interior cabin (with no window) on the lowest deck. An interior cabin is frustrating because you can’t see the scenery around you, and you can’t check the weather to see what to wear before venturing out of your cabin. However, your in-room TV will have a station that shows the view from the camera mounted on the front of the ship. Usually, you can tell what the weather is like from that. Worst case scenario: you bundle up for a cold, rainy day and find out it’s gorgeous. Then you have to trek back to the cabin to change. Best case scenario: always wear layers in Alaska and carry a backpack. Then you can stuff a few layers in the backpack and carry on.
  1. Most rates quoted do not include taxes and fees. Probably when you see $599 per person, you expect to pay $599 per person, but this is just the base rate. A typical add-on for taxes and fees would be about $131 per person – making the rate actually $730 each. This is still a great rate. The rule of thumb is that anything close to $100 a day is a true bargain.

If you are interested in bargains to Alaska (or any other destinations around the world) – . I will be glad to help you find the best value.

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I’ve been a travel agent for almost 21 years now, and I am specializing in Alaska because it is my favorite place to go. I have done the trip in all iterations: Vancouver to Anchorage, Anchorage to Vancouver, San Francisco roundtrip, Seattle roundtrip, the Alaskan ferry, the inland rail tour, and believe me, it’s all wonderful. One of my special services is that I work with clients to use their frequent flier miles. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and graduated from UC Berkeley a few (!) years ago. Before I went into the travel business, I was a teacher and a marketing rep for a huge computer company. Sue\'s Google Profile

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